a. Application: Upon verification of your Goldmoney Personal or Business Account, you can apply for a Prepaid Card which is linked to your Goldmoney Personal or Business Account. If your Prepaid Card application is approved by our third-party partner, which approval is subject to your provision of any information and documentation requested by Goldmoney and given at the sole discretion of Goldmoney, you will be issued a Prepaid Card by our third-party partner. The Prepaid Card will allow you to access the Gold in your Goldmoney Personal or Business Account to complete purchases with the Prepaid Card. 

b. Applicable terms: In addition to the terms set out in this Agreement, your Prepaid Card will also be subject to the terms and conditions set out in the Cardholder Agreement between you and our third-party partner.


a. Physical Gold: You can redeem physical Gold in the form of coins, cubes, or bars, subject to the products offered by Goldmoney from time to time through your Goldmoney Personal or Business Account on the Goldmoney Platform, provided that you hold sufficient Gold and subject to Withdrawal Limits. 


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