We do more than just write code, but our goals is to build a development shop where most of our time is in generating software and code related solutions. We may throw in marketing and business development efforts just as a way to bring extra value from our talent.

Jewett City Software Corporation was a thought to develop a local tech company to provide better jobs and spring board employment to help train and develop skills in our staff that may choose to go to larger operations or may stay but by nurturing their career we can provide challenges and learning experiences to help them hone their craft and deliver solutions to our customers.

We exist to provide solutions. We do not know what your problems are, reach out and let us provide resolutions.

So do I. eMail us or you can call the office and let's get started.

   We specialize in taking your ideas & thoughts and transform these into functioning prototypes and tangible products to help build value for your organization or project, enabling you and your team to focus on the value you bring to bring to the equation.  Technology changes at a speed that is impossible for business to keep up with on a day to day 

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Technologies behind our Software Solutions:


Custom DNN Modules

Custom DNN Skins



VB 6.0




JSON, XML, csv



Cascading Style Sheets






    Business Plan HTML Templates 5

A collection of single page html applications to facilitate the needs for most business plans, project plans, or marketing plans, documentation, and reports to help scaffold out new projects with proper templates for many common user experience requirments.

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