We have created a new Bank. It does not have costly brick & mortar locations and has few employees. The employees focus on building a return and paying out dividends. While we work to automate some of the systems, there is however, a need for human intervention, building, and maintaining the servers.

Interest Rates
Account Type 30 month COD 60 month COD
DEPOSIT Amount 7.3% APR 14.2% APR

How does this bank work ?

    Utilizing a Trezor, a hardware wallet, we store & maintain deposits.  The currency of JCSC-Bank is only Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XRM).  You may deposit in dollars, on an exchange, and deposit to our address.  These deposits are seen as C.O.D.'s ( Certificate of Deposit ) which pay dividends and build value which return to the original depositor 30 or 60 months after the original deposit has been made.  You may decide to re-deposit your money on your own, we do not provide any features to roll over accounts, as the goals are payouts, return, and having a solid exit strategy.

How we generate our return?

We mine!  We have been promoting BTC since 2009.  We have built a customer base, but there are costs to grow, and as we grow there are returns.  There are marketplaces that lend with a guaranteed interest & there are numerous small businesses out there that work on growing as well, and are willing to pay a small premium for access to the funds needed to acquire those additions customers.  Also, we plan to launch software in the 3rd quarter of 2018, to help with micro lending and it will be another foundation of our bank, enabling these transactions.

Were are NOT FDIC Insured!!!

And we don't ever want to be!  Yes that is a great concept for some banks, but our bank is a Blockchain of data nodes, as it is non-local.  FDIC means if you are in USA, and now go to Canada, or Honduras, and go to the bank and say I want to withdraw from my account, they and you are now in a different country and do not have access to your account, and if you opened an account in those places they would not be FDIC either, "WE ARE NOT FOREIGN BANKING EXPERTS " but in theory all currency is similar and provides the same utility.  We look to provide Investment Banking as a service utilizing Blockchain technologies.  Our bank is in demand by customers due to the ability to pay extravagant interest rates on deposits, and provide the community with access to our services.

Why JCSC Bank?


Our Bank started in 2012 from a few initial depositors & investors. We are starting a more rigid marketing campaign as we get closer to our software release.  Working in stealth mode, we are building a few products for the community as many are based on Blockchain technologies and others on things like additive manufacturing, lasers, 3D printing, low power computing and ARM processors.  

Investors utilize our services because of the quality of return which enables you to build and preserve wealth for you and your future generation of family members. We are 100% transparent and when investing with us we provide you access to our reports and documentation which will enable you to see your deposits and they payout dates. Re-occurring deposits are allowed for rolling payments, if you want to schedule multiple payments.

Why Monero (XRM)?

Because, for the same reason we started yelling at the world about BTC back in 2009.  Without spending another $50k on computing hardware to keep mining BTC, we can no longer mine BTC with positive results because of the difficulty.  But XRM is a different solution that enables us miners to utilize hardware and be rewarded for facilitating the transactions.  There is a possibility of XMR competing with BTC in a hard way, and the reasons are clear and staring at you in the face.  We only point to the fact that there are people using it. We are promote Monero because we are building mining operations upon it, and are awaiting on our ability to get a couple Antminers and get back to mining BTC. As of now, our hardware cannot do that kind of math, so instead we mine XRM.  This gives us daily rewards for recycling and showing up to play with technology every day.  We want to help share returns and build wealth for those that want it. But please note, it won't be overnight, it takes time to build mountains, but once they have been built they then stick around for a while and provide endless entertainment and joy.  So if you want some of these dividends open an account and let us get to work building and preserving your mountains of wealth.


BTC is utilized as our ledger of record.some

This enables us to be transparent and provide clear cut documentation without customers, suppliers, vendors, and other end users of our services.  Since our bank is successful, in the near future, there could be people who want to investigate, and see reports. We mine, accept deposits, and payments with XMR. This is all kept on the ledger and is done with software to maximize utility of each technology.  We feel XMR is a solid choice for investment, but the technology is different, more private & anonymous than BTC.  With BTC, we link transactions and store data in the ledger, and that is why our bank started in the first place. As we have grown, the technologies have as well as there are competitors and other actors in the market.  While some have the desire to try every crypto, we have strong feelings and will voice them.  BTC and XMR are the only currencies in use for our bank and we should include STEEM, but don't see value besides marketing for our Bank.  So, if you have STEEM, and you want an account, I would say right now to convert it to XMR and then deposit it, or find us on steemit!  The reason we cannot accept every currency is due to regulations and moving currency.  We do not want to get in the business of exchanging or any additional software requirements for operation.  By providing transparency as our priority this will enable our customers to have access to the same tools & information that we have in order to help them manage their accounts.  You are Banking with us, helping us grow & we are Banking in You helping you grow!