We have created a new Bank. It does not have costly brick & mortar locations and has few employees. The employees focus on building a return and paying out dividends. While we work to automate some of the systems, there is however, a need for human intervention, building, and maintaining the servers.

Interest Rates
Account Type 30 month COD 60 month COD
DEPOSIT Amount 7.3% APR 14.2% APR


How does this bank work ?

    You may decide to re-deposit your money on your own, we do not provide any features to roll over accounts, as the goals are payouts, return, and having a solid exit strategy.

How we generate our return?

    Is not a secret and based on sound money & assets, and the movment of such things to those who will provide the most profit for it.  

Were are NOT FDIC Insured!!!

And we don't ever want to be!  Yes that is a great concept for some banks, but our bank is a Blockchain of data nodes, as it is non-local.  FDIC means if you are in USA, and now go to Canada, or Honduras, and go to the bank and say I want to withdraw from my account, they and you are now in a different country and do not have access to your account, and if you opened an account in those places they would not be FDIC either, "WE ARE NOT FOREIGN BANKING EXPERTS " but in theory all currency is similar and provides the same utility.  We look to provide Investment Banking as a service utilizing Blockchain technologies.  Our bank is in demand by customers due to the ability to pay extravagant interest rates on deposits, and provide the community with access to our services.

Why JCSC Bank?


Our Bank started in 2012 from a few initial depositors & investors. We are starting a more rigid marketing campaign as we get closer to our software release.  Working in stealth mode, we are building a few products for the community as many are based on Blockchain technologies and others on things like additive manufacturing, lasers, 3D printing, low power computing and ARM processors.  

Investors utilize our services because of the quality of return which enables you to build and preserve wealth for you and your future generation of family members. We are 100% transparent and when investing with us we provide you access to our reports and documentation which will enable you to see your deposits and they payout dates. Re-occurring deposits are allowed for rolling payments, if you want to schedule multiple payments.