Luke Shields

Software Developer


My goal is to land a remote position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in the information technology and project management fields to bring cutting edge technologies to enterprise software development. I tend to enjoy writing the code and sql scripts needed to build the applications and providing agile prototypes to be fine tuned as requirements are meet and customer decisions are made. Following the SDLC, a constant refinement process, allows one to mold software|process to meet demands, the problem solving of meeting these demands and building useful software is what keeps me at the keyboard.


SQL & Web Development

Applications, dashboards, reports, Metrics, Automating Processes, API's, Analytics, User Interfaces

Interface Design

Build in mission-critical value with multifunctional functionalities while understanding the end users.

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of development and business projects in team and independent situations.

Technical Skills

  • Languages
  • Visual Basic. Net (VB6)
  • Structured Query Language
    ((T-SQL and PL/SQL))
  • Javascript | CSS | XML | HTML
  • C#.Net
  • Assembler
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • J2EE | Java 5.0 | C++
  • Frameworks
  • PopCornJS
  • Jquery
  • Node.js
  • .NET (4.0 , 3.5 , 2.0 , 1.1)
  • SilverLight
  • Ajax
  • Dot Net Nuke(4.6,5.2,6.0,7.0)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Angular 1.6
  • CVS / Subversion
  • Databases
  • FireBase
  • Local Storage
  • Oracle (9i-11g)
  • MS SQL Server (2008,2005,2000)
  • MS Access (95-2010)
  • Azure
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

Software Stacks

  • Source Control
  • MS Visual Source Safe
  • Subversion
  • SourceForge
  • Tortise
  • Clear Case
  • UberSvn
  • VisualSVN
  • Software
  • Visual Studio Professional (2010, 2008, 2005, 2003)
  • MS Office && (VSTO)
  • Toad | SSMS
  • Verastream
  • MS Virtual Machine
  • Crystal Reports
  • Remedy
  • Ant
  • SharePoint
  • Skype
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows OS (3.1/95/98/XP/Vista/7/8/Server Ed's)
  • Bart P.E.
  • Mac OSX
  • Solaris 10
  • Ubuntu PPC
  • Linux (LinuxMint 8-17, Gentoo, Red Hat 9, Ubuntu, Mythbuntu, xbuntu, TinyCore, DSL, Smothwall, Knoppix)

Professional experience (Owner), Jewett City, CT


2009 – Present

Research Contracts, Consulting, Support, Web Development, Application Development, NFC Advertising&Tracking, Databases, ARM Hardware, Custom Computer Case Building & Design, 3D Web, Logos, Business Cards, Advertsing, Marketing, and Template Content Creation are just some of the tasks I have been assigned to achive desired results on our projects here at

Project(s) Breakdown

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Some examples and functional samples of the things we do:
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Support, Client Requests, Training, having patience with those that need it

Wall Street English (Contract), New York, NY

Sr. Dot Net Nuke Software Developer

11/2012 – 01/2013

Using MS Viso, MS Project, jsGantt, JSON, created documentation to layout usineess needs translated into software development work efforts. Help the team find a qualified vendor for the Development Phase of this project so it could begin. Provided DNN Expertise to help managment make better informed decitions on the project. Main focus was training and documetation to help inform the project team better about DNN.

Beacon Services (Contract), Boston, MA

.Net Software Engineer

10/2011 – 02/2012

Provided Support developing javascrip for the interactions of data between services. Created working samples to showcase possible working solutions for the data. Used TFS for source Control, Visual Studio 2010, Oracle, SQL Server 2005/2008, Silverlight, Ajax, VB.Net, ASP.Net, and small amounts of CSS and JavaScript.

Aetna (Contract), Hartford, CT

.Net Software Engineer

11/2010 – 02/2011

Create applications to provided specifications from management and the business users. Enhanced user controls with ajax, silver light and SQL handling in code base to decrease effort needed going forward with conversion from VB6 to .Net 4.0. Providing better user controls decreases the need for a form by form development of standard reusable control types. Developed application controls using Silverlight, ASP.Net, Ajax to show proof of concept and a frame work for converting classic asp applications to .Net.  Custom user controls were used to keep development time down on future projects and allow faster turnaround time with controls to be used for standard data gathering.  These controls connect and retrieve data from a database just by setting the property for the stored procedure or SQL statement to call.  Properties were also provided to allow ease of use on non standard Databases and for growth in the future. Used Clear Case for source Control, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 200/2005, Oracle, Silverlight, Ajax, VB.Net, ASP.Net, and small amounts of CSS and JavaScript.

CompuCom, Groton, CT

.Net Software Developer

11/20/09 – 03/2010

Created a dashboard application to manage human resources. This application Linked 4 systems, used by the business unit. The concept was to track help desk tickets and time spent during different stages of the process, and gauge the work load capacity of each team member. This dashboard would also be used to track the need to scale up or down the work force with work load trends. Used VM Ware Workstation/Server/ESXi to create and deploy test and production environments for the application. This needed to test production SQL Servers, and Linked Servers to an Oracle Data Mart. As this data was limited and time sensitive, the linked server needed to feed the needed information into SQL server, where it could be processed and left in a format easier to compute information needed by the dashboard. The application was built with VB.Net, Ajax, Silverlight and SQL Scripts, using some Infragistics and Telerik controls to increase usability and decrease development times. By linking databases and creating custom queries to represent the usable data from the 4 systems, Relevant information was extracted and displayed in graphs and in a manor that management could use and understand to prove their efforts were meeting SLA's and begin tracking the information to make more informed decisions. Provided level 3 support for other systems managed by our business unit. Ranging from C#.Net, to VB6 applications, and classic asp pages. Ranging from SQL maintenance to adding and fixing functionality, to these applications while replacements were currently in development.

IMAS LLC, Brookfield, CT

.Net Software Engineer

02/2009 - 2010

Helped Launched using Dot Net Nuke. Dot Net Nuke (DNN) is a CSM application, which allows fast creation of web portals. I created custom applications with VB.Net and SQL server to be deployed along side DNN and as modules within DNN, and to be accessed and easily integrated into the customer’s web portal. Provided 1st level support for customers (internal and external) Contacted and worked with external support and vendors Updated classic asp applications to use Current .Net technologies. While normalizing databases to be more scalable, and expand with the company as needed. Moved hosting accounts and set up servers as needed Visited Client locations, to help them learn the software, set up email accounts or trouble shoot technical issues. Built clients Web portals to their designs.

Outrageous Ventures, Hartford, CT

.Net Software Developer

12/2008 – 02/2009

Reduced redundant actions performed by the content managers, and improve the usability of the site for customers. Created & maintained code changes to fix errors and enhance functionality on the application as it was in production, and redeployed these changes on to the server. The applications were built with C#.NET and VB.NET technologies. Updated application to use SQL Server migrating from MS Access. Updated tables in SQL server and created views and stored procedures to replace hard coded SQL. Responsible for editing log on scripts in Active Directory utilizing VB Script. Added abilities to allow dynamic creation of parameters and price augmentations so the application could change as the products and the business changed.

East Point Systems Inc., Vernon, CT

Production Support Developer

09/2008 – 12/2008

Provide phone support for customers, development of bug fixes and tools to help development team meet deadlines. Created, maintained and supported SQL Server 2005, and C#.Net applications and other technologies. Including: bugs, defects, using software, and problems with installs or setup. Installing server and client software on the client's machines using GoToAssist, a help desk remote desktop tool. Developed, maintained and troubleshooted code to find and repair bugs within the software, and then checked in these changes into source control so that they may be recompiled and redeployed. Created back-ups and archived data off client’s data base Upgraded clients to SQL server Administered client’s data bases on SQL Server.

The Hartford, Hartford, CT

Production Support Developer

06/2008 – 08/2008

Maintained a help desk ticket que with the help from team mates, and develop tools and documentation to enhance work functions around the team. Created stored procedures and views to be called from applications where the SQL was previously hard coded, and stored these SQL statements in Source Control. Updated the applications with the new SQL statements and tested the applications and verified that the end result was same as current production application. Rolled out applications via data transfers to production according to the release schedule. Supporting Oracle, SQL Server, Mainframe batch processing scripts, C#.Net and VB.Net technologies. Created scripts for automation. Provided Second level application support for a wide range of web based & console applications. Created script. Interacted with some data warehouses to gather information for reports needed based on old data. These reports were for complex claims where data from a certain date was needed. Archived data on month and quarter ends into appropriate data warehouses, so that the batch process could run effectively and data integrity could be maintained from the stored procedures called by these processes. Attended release and development meetings to make sure all team members were on the same page according to releases or new development standards. Also attended training on the in house framework for code standardization (FSL) for our department. Used SharePoint and Groove to share data with our team as well as other teams we worked with. This allowed us to operate more effectively and ensure we had ONE repository that was maintained for company documents, change documentation Applications or databases, and the appropriate sign offs for code reviews, production releases and other items that we needed to manage.

Open Solutions Inc. , Glastonbury, CT

.Net Client Care Technical Specialist

03/2008 – 06/2008

Maintained a help desk ticket queue with the help from team mates. Provided Second level application support for a wide range of applications built by our development team. Supported Oracle, and .Net technologies. Helping clients walk through installations, creating new databases, database backups, and some disaster recovery.

Pfizer Inc., Groton, CT

.Net Software Developer

11/2006 – 02/2008

Maintained a help desk ticket queue with the help from team mates, and developed applications based on requirements built by the management team and the business unit. Would provide usability conferences with customers when appropriate, and informed customers on changes made in any DEV or STG environments that may be of concern. Provided third level application support for a wide range of applications built by our team. Applications include an identity management system to a global document version repository and to our web interface to Service Center (Helpdesk ticket management software). Provided maintenance support to reports built in VB6 making them more efficient and using appropriate coding standards. Made code changes and revisions to the older applications as needed or from requests. Converted most of theVB6 reporting applications to VB.Net 2.0 as time and need allowed. Created a template console project in VB.Net 2.0 to be used to speed up the process of converting reports and the creation of new reports. This template could generate reports in multiple formats and could deliver them either with either FTP or emails. Created ASP.Net 2.0 applications with VB.Net. Used master pages to keep a standard look and feel across applications. Used SQL Server or Oracle depending on the application.

Computer Science Corporation, Norwich, CT

Help Desk Analyst

09/2006 – 11/2006

Provided first level phone support for UTC. Using Remedy, Phone Systems, and Remote Desktop applications and other administration applications to change passwords and other requests. Provided first level help desk support for a wide range of products and applications used by UTC. Supporting Outlook and other MS Office products, plotters and printers, also network and communications devices. Used Remedy (helpdesk ticket management software) to track issues and Lotus Notes to communicate within CSC.

Citizens Bank, Cranston, RI

P.A.C.E. Software Developer Internship

05/2006 – 09/2006

The end result of my position was to inform management on the usefulness of a product called Verastream and how easy it was for me to learn and be comfortable with creating new applications. This report would be used to decide to embrace this product or look for other solutions. Staffware (a Business Process Automation software) Support, using Clarify (is a help desk ticket management software). Many issues involved were from server errors, errors on the forms themselves, and problems with the distribution of the data once entered into the server. Using Verastream (a screen scraping utility) to automate business functions on the mainframe into web applications and services. Developed .NET tools to create reports for our department to gauge our status. SQL views were pulled from Oracle and emailed based on reports need to Management. Provided maintenance to usability and modified an inherited application from the parent company that was developed in VB6 to mimic the look and feel of the standard Citizens Bank applications and redeployed to production. Using CSS and some Java Scrip modification changed logos and color themas, and provided documentation on the changes needed to make adjustments. Creating Static Web Content for the business lines, using XML, VB.Net and other technologies to allow the departments to administer their own content with out breaking code or having to know hot to create code.

Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, CT

Database Developer

09/2004 – 01/2005

Collected the needed data to create an inventory database consisting of campus wide IT Hardware and Software, spanning both locations. This enabled the IT department to understand location of all IT assets and to keep track of software installed on every machine so Faculty and Staff can use the appropriate labs for their needs. Provided help desk support to faculty and students using the campus computer labs. I provided help for: Projectors, printers, Pc’s, Mac’s, and any other peripherals in the labs. Designed and built a database of the computer inventory on campus. Using SQL, Microsoft Access, and Visual Basic.


Three Rivers Community College - Norwich, CT

     Computer Science2007

     Business Information Systems

     Small Business Entrepreneurial Studies, A.S.Earned not Awarded $2,500 Balance Due

     Business Admininstration Management, A.S.Earned not yet Awarded

Eastern Connecticut State University - Willimantic, CT

     Business Information Systems — 2009-2011 - 6 Credits Left

University of Idaho - Moscow, Idaho

     Electrical Engineering — 2002-2004 No-Degree Earned

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