A server with software solutions to help you manage your data & files

Project at a Glance:

This is a hardware prototype utilizing an ARM processor and open source software.  While every device may not be built with open hardware, the device in plan and execution should remain Open Source to provide a stable foundation for services and possibly building a market to solicit updates to.

  • Open Source
  • Instant Boot
  • Customized Boot Splash                                                                       ##  WII REMOTE White BOARD  -- Optional HID
  • Solid State Drives
  • Portable Form Factor
  • Enhancement of the: Pirate Box

Well basically this is a Portable Network Attached Storage Device.  Almost a portable hard drive, but there is also a server the hard drive is installed to, providing that space & services available to any that connect to the network.  being that it is portable Networking it will mostly rely on WiFi, but LAN option and use is possible.

This is a device that is connected to your network to offload data-management.  From Photos, Videos, Music, it can also handle your school work, work work..  Storing, Sharing, Managing your data across numerous devices just got simpler.  Weather you want to share from your one device to a room of people, or with your friends and family and all their devices.   This is a LOW POWER Solution, vs the old way of utilizing large quantities of electricity even while dormant and not under load.  We utilized the power of an ARM processor with some customizations we have created a portable Hard disk storage solution with the ARM server to provide, tools and services needed to make your other devices, phones, tablets, computers, have more accessible storage and tool sets to make your life just a bit easier with a bit of technology.

This device will help you manage your digital media assets, enable better user collaboration, provide working systems while operating remotely.

As designed I would say people who care about SVN or other source control, and the power it can bring to your digital assets & organization.

This is a Linux Server, Hard Drive, Battery & optional LCD screen.  It boots and loads an operating system defined for the tasks prescribed, and provides the user with a network accessible server, storage space & a local solid WiFi Connection, provided you feed it internet.

You can build one yourself or buy one from jcsc.biz.

None provided, software updates can be obtained by user and hardware components are upgradable or modifiable at any time.  Please contact us for any issues, or submit a Bug or Request to try and get a remedy.

This is a Desktop Client Version

Install Script:

Software needed for this device:

  • Guake
  • SVN
  • Git
  • NPM
  • NodeJS
  • SparkleShare
  • Ipython Notebook
  • JCSC Dashboard
  • JCSC PirateBox Scrips
  • lightHTTP
  • FTP
  • UPNP
  • CUPS
  • HP-Printer tools
  • OpenVPN

 Linux :  Based on Ubuntu Mate

Package Managers:  Apt-Get  & NPM  

Window Managers: Mate && JCSC Dashboard

On-Boot Load : JCSC Dashboard {Localhost:80 }

Accessible & controllable from every device.

Hardware List:

Hardware needed for this device:

  • SBC  [  CHOICES ]
  • Battery [  Affects Runtime  ] 
  • Switches & Cables & Soldering
  • KVM? Keyboard & Mouse
  • Case

Additional components can be added to solve other tasks.


If you want a display, there are choices for low power, or full color and high quality resolution.  Depending on your choice will affect battery consumption, and if you want a certain run time, then the battery size will have to accommodate.   This device ultimately has no need for a screen as it is a networked appliance.  But it does have the capabilities to use it for other activities, like connecting and printing files to 3D Printers, playing, media, music, games, or business presentations.  


Choices are endless:   

  • Do you want it to be portable? 
  • Can it remain stationary and Plugged in? 
  • Battery [  5v - 12v - 48v  ] 
  • Switches & Cables [ POWER OFF ]
  • SCREEN [ OPTIONAL ] ( Screen Protection )
  • Storage for HIDs? Like Keyboard & Mouse
  • PLASTIC | WOOD | Carbon Fiber | Acrylic | Cement | Fiberglass | 3D Printed

Ideally recycled materials are best, but we do also purchase components because we need to fit a form factor.  And with the quality of materials available if you look hard enough is immense.  I happen to be a skilled wood worker and have been crafting most out of wood & plastic.  With the designs we have we plan to start creating STL files and the gcode, creating an easier replica table case.  With the wood cases, if you run out of stock or start getting concerned about the weight, and what I have done in oak can not be done in pine, and plastic in my opinion is not as good looking as a nicely finished piece of wood like oak.  Weight and portability have been concerns now that there are different designs, and testable units.  Currently I am hand building each case to a design or functionality.

Portable NAS Server:

A portable solution for source control, mapped drives, and external storage.  When you want to work across multiple machines you need a server to store the data on and do things to not bog down the machines you are working on.  And as you start and archive projects, valuable space gets consumed and limits your ability to even create new files once that drive is full.  Then there is the issue of working on outdated documents.  source control gives you the capabilities to keep all your documents and projects synchronized across and you know that no matter the machine you are on, you can get the latest revision and post your changes which then can be updated throughout the network.


Phones and tablets then have a tool to back up and store data to, while providing tools to administer the device, if you choose a headless option and want to reduce costs.  


This is meant to be portable & to take everywhere like coffee shops, you can build more powerful ones with less portability, but just like an external hard drive, if you want to use it you need to have it with you.  This is why the base model is also a Music Server and MP3 player, tagger & organizer for your ear tickling pleasures while helping you manage a vast music collection.


ROMs or games could also be installed if you are a gamer, but I am focusing on the server capabilities with this project.


**This will remain an on page form to enable you to order one built & delivered.  Enabling you to hit the streets with a portable network attached server with disk space.


Machine Specs    
WiFi?  Number of extra Ethernet Ports?    
Battery Size    
SD Card    Size    
Had Disk Space    




I want a portable machine that can do these things and alleviate my workstations, enabling this device to store code & important documents.  An external hardive is a solution, but the value of having that one drive be accessible to ALL my workstations in real time, with source control, it makes working a lot easier, and now I have the capability of taking it with me and working off-line with the tools and services readily available.


Power consumption and battery size is the the limiting factor, and affects run time.  By having the display a separate unit can keep battery usage low, and I am building a mobile power wall, to power the displays and charge my e-bike battery.  This will run on a modular e-bike battery system so that it can power these potable displays, hold & charge e-bike batteries and provide extend battery life for the servers.  If you want a few days of run time, a 48v battery and a couple solar chargers this system would provide more than enough power.  But if a wall out-let is handy, this device will not use much and can run off USB from a plugged in laptop or other device.  A battery can be added to stationary devices as fail safes so that if power does go off, or you want to take it with you, it can still perform.  The battery is the largest cost, next to the display and if you are leaving it stationary the battery can be optional, recommended though.