Product Definition:   RADIO -    {  Origonal Insaration   }

(Wood Case)

 all band radio with “ssb” and “air”

Wall plug in (italian/europe plug)!

A built in small speaker is fine (3 inch?)

stereo output for phones

No microphone

External Antenna

better SW

digital display

Using good quality parts and a radio  that can receive all frequencies at the best (sw,mw,fm,lw,ssb,air).



Parts List
  Radio Reciever    LINK     NEED TO ORDER       $4.00
  Arduino Nano      In - Stock       $15.00

   Display  { I have a black and yellow one arriving in 2-3 weeks }

2.13" inch E-Ink Display Module B 212x104 Three-color Epaper 
2-13-034-inch-E-Ink-Display-Module-B-212x104-Three-color-Epaper-for-Raspberry-Pi-BT thumbnail 1
       I Have One or we Order       $40.50
   Knobs   ++ (  Custom Knob FACE )        LINK     NEED TO ORDER        $10.00
   Class D Audio Amplifier Module, Stereo, 3.7W, Breadboard Compatible            $20.00
   Speakers       In - Stock       $20.00
    Slide Switch         
    HARDWARE & FASTENERS ( Nails, Nuts & Bolts)        
    External Antena Break out         
    External Antena        
    Custom Built Case          
       ~ 80-120  hours        
    Order Parts, Design, Assemby, Build, Test, Ship, Enjoyment        





HIFI-Bluetooth-Audio-Stereo-Module-BLE-5-0-TPA3116-AUX-Digital-Amplifier-Module thumbnail 1

DIY FM Radio Wireless Receiver Module LCD Display DSP PLL 87.0MHz-108.0MHz USA

76-108MHZ TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module + Cable Antenna for ArduinoDSP PLL 87-108 MHz FM Radio WIRELESS MICROPHONE Stereo Transmitter


NEED SPDIF? SPDIF-Digital-Audio-Expansion-Board-Moudle-For-Raspberry-Pi-3-2-Model-B thumbnail 1


I am looking for the extra chips needed for the additional frequencies,  I have speakers, I have arduinos and I have most of the key ingredients,  just need to find the proper radio(s) and type of display 


On the display can do anywhere from 1" - 2", 2.5", 3" 3.5", 4", 5", 6", 7", 9", 10,"10.8", 12",, 13" ,15"   ( and variants in the middle)





Or you can do the line type displays where you get so many lines, lcd crystal 



There are oled options too 


I do have a couple options in stock ready to be used, but we can order something just the same.


NOT TRYING TO OVERWHELM YOU WITH OPTIONS,  but you do have choices & I am building this for YOU & I want you to be happy & excited when you get it!   And I hope giving you the options & input on the final product will help give you that extra level of satisfaction using it.  

NOT ALL ARE FLEXIBLE!!  but there are ones that could be put on a curve...

Can do black&White , or three colore Black/White/(red or yellow) ( als different Sizes)


e-Paper raw panels comparing