Do you need HIPPA Compliant emails?  Or do you just want the addtional security We also specialize in assisting you with encrypted and secure solutions as well as standard business soluions.  We can assit you in getting things set up, or just provide consulting too if needed.   Encrypted eMail Services are available to those that request it, but we understnad not everyone requires or wants the additional security but know it is advailable when needed.

Can always spin up a dedicated server, and set up a specific solution, but many of our clients do not have the demand for a whole server and then hosted solutions make sense and can help reduce costs.  An Exhange Server would be a great dedicated solution, but for smaller opperations hosted solutions provide the best value.   

I can also assist with MS Office 365, and provide other options upon request.

At we want to bring you the best solutions we can. And for eMail we feel your best solution is to utilize Google Suite Products and Link them to your Domain. There are other options if you want but none have as many features or the same level of SPAM protection so if you need eMail address for your domain you can get started below.

The alternatives require operating your own server and run the software on it to provide all the features you are looking for. If you want a more SECURE email solution please email me and let me know! We can help you provide more secure communications but it has been a rare request and we have been focused on client demands. There can be benefits of running your own eMail Server, but I use the services provided by Google, and would be my initial recommendation, Please inform me if you have other needs and would like us to provide assistance we are here to help.  Also do enjoy MS Exhange Server, but the costs are substaintial and the benifits are mostly seen at scale, so if you are a smaller opperation a Hosted Solution provides you all the needed features.