A Unique Marketing Approach

This is a concept to bring value to organizations in need of qality marketing in exchange for providing value adding content to the market. 


This is a percision tool, it can do programed tasks over and over again with out disruption.  What is one thing every business can use more of.  Exactly we get program some marketing tricks and create some props and hire this guy to create content and do work that can deliver some quality and convertable traffic.  By providing informational content we will have a captivated audiance that we can bamboozel with marketing and build awerness for your brand while we deploy content.

ben heckendorn's show is an inspartation for the ideas, but instead of pinball machines, we will show differnt use cases for this tool, while keeping it secret from the audiance that another use is marketing, we will be silent about it, as we are going to try and make it seem like we are not marketing to them, but in actuallaity there will be product placment, logos and brand awerness campains as easter eggs and showing the machine performing tasks.


3D Printing, laser engraving are some of the intial thoughts, and if the machine was laser engraving your logo into the sample with your branding in the background we could record small reusable content that your organization can deploy to capture attention.