Web Hosting

We provide web hosting.  We also provide Training and Support with our hosting to assist you in maximizing the value from the resources provided.  

SSL Certifications - ( $45 / year )  PER DOMAIN 

Basic Hosting    ( $475 / year  )  PER SITE 

Hosting & Brand Instantiation   ( $1,400  )  [ FIRST YEAR ] with basic hosting following years

Brand Instantiation   ( $1,800 - $90,000  )   PER BRAND

Content Writing  ( $2,400 - $100,000 )  

Strictly SEO   (   $400-$5,000 / Month  )  PER SITE

Executive Package  ( $2,500 / Month ) PER SITE

Email Solution  - Professional email for you and your team  @ YourDomain.com 


Virtual Private Servers ( $10-$280 / Month )



If you know you will want extra space please request it, so it can be created & allocated for use.  $10 / 10 GB 

There are costs associated with storing FILES and filling up the Servers With Data.  There are ways to utilize other cheaper solutions if file storage is needed.  If they are needed on the same domain please note there are costs of $1 per GB.  Most of you will not be affected by this, but there are limits and costs for exceeding them and we want to you to be aware upfront and we are well aware and know solutions that can work for some when needed.  But all in all the disk space is cheap, but for those of you who want all the details, we try to ensure you are informed.